Our type IV tanks are manufactured thanks to a unique process.


The ULLIT technology is based on Claude HEMBERT's patented processes.

This technology is unique and does not depend on any third party or external license.

ULLIT tanks are made in France

The seamless thermoplastic liner grants our tanks a full strength to corrosion as well as an excellent resistance to fatigue.

ULLIT liners

Thanks to our molecular linking process (no glue, no mechanical system, no O-ring), our liner gets permeability rates lower than the minimum rates required by international standards. This unique process is patented by ULLIT.

Bobinage carbone epoxy ULLIT

The liner is reinforced with carbon fibers by a filament winding process.


"Quality" is our keyword to guarantee a high safety level to our customers.

The type IV ULLIT tank has a service life of 20 years and supports 100 000 cycles without leakage or rupture.

Each step of our manufacturing process is subject to quality controls that are recorded in our manufacturer's information folder.

Tests conducted for certification purposes have shown that our tanks are free of permanent deformation and corrosion.

The permeation verified by chromatography during these tests gives a result close to zero.


Our tanks offer excellent yields in term of mass per stored litre.

For example, our 80-litres tank with a pressure of 200 bar weighs only 29 kg when empty.

Lighter tank ⇒ reduced fuel consumption ⇒ decreased wear of vehicle.

Tank animation


We can design and manufacture a storage solution adapted to your needs.

From the smallest bottle to the largest tank, ULLIT can manufacture tanks with a maximum capacity of 1 500 liters, a max. length 3 200 mm and a max. diameter 900 mm.


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